Custom Made


"India Cannot be packaged"

We believe that a pre-decided/off-the-shelf tour cannot do justice to what India has to offer. India is a dynamic, diverse, colorful and historic country & only a custom-made tour created according to your budget, interests, ideas, cliché's etc can give you the best possible India Experience.

There is no one-size-fits all mind-set at TSI, we treat each holiday request as an opportunity to create something new according to the needs of our clients.

Its All About You...!

A custom made tour is all about You. At TSI instead of pushing packaged tours, we listen to you. We take your inputs and combine them with our knowledge of the destinations, hotels, guides, sights etc and customize the trip around your needs.

'Your Ideas + Our Knowledge = Custom Made Holiday'

How does it work?

Following are the steps it takes to create a holiday experience with TSI:

1. Your Tour Plan

Anyone planning to go to India either knows what they want or are looking for an inspiration. Either way you can use our website and our blog to narrow down your research or as a starting point to find your inspiration.

We have listed the popular and off-beat Tours and Destinations on our website and lots of other useful content on our blog to get you started.

2. Get in Touch & Get Started

Get in touch with us & we will get you started. Equipped with hands-on destination knowledge and customizing experience a TSI Holiday Advisor will be happy to listen to your inputs and offer advice to come up with a suitable tour plan.

Sometimes even small suggestions such as changing the route of the journey to arrive later or sooner on a destination OR leaving out a particular monument as it is under renovation can improve the holiday experience and save time & money.

Using our knowledge to fine tune your ideas & requirements is what we are here for. You can reach us either by our Create Your Tour form or on our Contact Us page.

3. Get Down to the Details

After you get in touch and share your requirements, we get into the details and send you some possible tour plans.

In any Tour Plan we consider 4 main heads:

  • Destinations: Where will you travel
  • Accommodation: Where will you stay, budget, hotel type etc
  • Transportation: Trains/buses or private cab or flights or a mix of all
  • Services: Escorted tours, guides, history & food walks, meals, safaris etc.

And in this step we cover all these and create an plan that makes the best of your time here. After sharing some ideas we come to the final version that best suits your requirements.

The means of communication is kept according to your comfort i.e. mail, phone, skype etc what ever works best for you.

4. Yes Lets go with this

Once we have the final tour plan, we send you a Quote for your consideration. Once you confirm the quote, we request for an advance payment to allow us to book the tour.

You can make the transfer through Bank SWIFT Transfer, PayPal etc. The balance of the payment has to be made before arrival.

5. Let the preps begin…!

Once we receive the advance, we will send you the TSI Travel Kit which includes:

  • Personalized Itinerary & Schedule
  • Travel Tips & other useful guides according to your plan.
  • Payment Invoice.
  • Tour Phonebook: Includes important contact information of hotels, services, restaurants etc you can use on the trip.

Besides, we will send you reading material from our blog and other resources that can help you make the best of your tour.

During this time we are always available to answer any questions or help you in anyway required.

6. We rollout the red carpet…!

After all the work, its time for your arrival and we roll out the red carpet.

We welcome you in India and to support the all the preparations, itinerary etc, we are always just a phone call away to provide inputs, help or assistance where ever required.

7. Give us the feedback……& we learn from it

Once you are back home & the India hangover has worn off, we get in touch to receive your feedback about the service. We never take the feedback lightly and learn from the gaps, if any.

We will also request for a Testimonial of your experience which is posted on the website for future clients.

No Fine Print or Hidden Costs…!

A custom-made holiday with TSI is not more expensive, in fact it's just the opposite. A packaged tour is a stripped down version of a complete tour and once you confirm, the 'extra charges' keep piling up to increase the cost, where as in a tailor-made trip with us, you pick and choose what you want and pay for just that.

With TSI there are no hidden costs and our quotation and invoice clearly define what you are paying for and Terms and Conditions there-off.

We hope the above has clarified any doubts or questions and you are ready to get started. You can either get started on our Create You Tour form or get in touch through our Contact Us page.