Jodhpur, Rajasthan's second largest city was once the capital of the Marwar kingdom and is today a bustling tourist destination set against the beautiful backdrop of the Thar Desert. Jodhpur is also called 'Blue City' as it has several blue coloured houses near the Mehrangarh Fort. If you have planned a North India tour, then reaching Jodhpur is easy by cab via Jaipur or by flight or train as it is centrally located in Rajasthan.


Bargujar King ruled Jodhpur till 1100 CE while it was a part of the Gurjara - Pratihara Empire. In 1459, this state was officially founded by Rajput chief Rao Jodha. Its history reflects its rule under the Mughal Empire and the state was sequestrated by Aurangzeb in 1679 after which it fell into the hands of Maharaja Ajit Singh after Aurangzeb died. Jodhpur then saw many treaties and wars for over 50 years and subsequently created a subsidiary alliance with the British raj. After the partition, Jodhpur Hanwant Singh was persuaded to include the state in the Indian Republic.


Clock Tower

Clock Tower
Balsamand Lake and Garden

Balsamand Lake
and Garden



The desert cuisine of Jodhpur is an intrinsic part of this city. From Mawa Kachori, refreshing Makhaniya Lassi, hot Mirchibada and Pyaaj Kochori, you'll be glad you opted for a Rajasthan tour. If you prefer something spicy then try the Kachar mircha curry which is made with a special vegetable called kachar. For something sweet, try Lapsi, a special sweet dish made from ghee, jaggery and wheat or Baajre ka sogra, made with jaggery and pearl millet. Other sweet delicacies such as Makhanbada, Ras madhuri and Roshogollas.

To savor the essence of your Rajasthan tour, head to the Ghantaghar(clock tower) area in the old city, a market place where you can see spice sellers, the bamboo market, wholesale grain, local fabric, cheese and more. As you stop by Mishri Lal's for a lassi break, you can observe the colorfully dressed local women tending their flocks and children rushing through the lanes. At the old city you can enjoy the sounds and sights that makes Jodhpur a worthy stop on your India tour.

If you want to stand in the shadow of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort in the Blue City on your North India tour, click here and lets get started.

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