Kerala: 'Gods own country' and you are invited too…!

Kerala is also known as 'Gods own country' and rest assured if not the lords own country, it is definitely his favorite holiday spot. Kerala is the southern most state of India blessed with many kilometers of coastline dotted with beautiful beaches and backwaters and this vast coastline is deeply connected with the culture and heritage of the people of Kerala.

Where the world goes to relax

Kerala is where India kicks up it heels and takes it easy and on a tour of Kerala the hospitality of the people will make you feel right at home or better still not want to go back home. At TSI we always recommend our clients to keep Kerala at the end of their tour for its laid back experience. The delicious local cuisine, calm backwaters and sandy beaches are just the thing you need to relax your mind and body after a few weeks in India.

However Kerala's bio-diversity is not limited to beaches and backwaters, as it is also blessed with landscapes ranging from dense tropical forests of Periyar & Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuaries to the rolling hills of Munnar and Thekkady's Tea & Spice plantations. With all this natural diversity, the one thing common it is lush green no matter where ever you are in Kerala.

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Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healthcare system of well being is alive and thriving in Kerala and in fact Kerala has given it its own flavor over the centuries thus creating a its own system called Kerala Ayurveda.

On an holiday in Kerala be sure to spend a few days in a Kerala Ayurveda resort. The easy climate, abundance of forests & greenery and the cool monsoon in Kerala are best suited for the Ayurvedic therapies to take full effect. A few days of curative and restorative therapies, eating right, massages and herbal medicines are sure to rejuvenate your senses and help you restore your inner balance.

Some famous destinations in Kerala are Alleppey, Munnar,Thekkady, Kochi, Kovallam, Periyar & Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary etc

Do Not Disturb.!

All of the above make Kerala the ideal honeymooners paradise and a honeymoon in Kerala is sure to create romance and memories to last a lifetime. No matter if you are newly hitched or want to rekindle the fire in your relationship, a customized tour of Kerala with your special one will take you away from the maddening crowds and the chaos and let you be with each other

No matter you are a family, group of friends, individual traveler or newly weds you can easily spend 1-2 weeks in Kerala exploring the tropical seaside state, while cruising in houseboats on the backwaters, sunbathing on the beaches, lapping up the delicious seafood and Malabar cuisine and relaxing in the tea & spice plantations on the hills.

Spice Bowl of India

Besides Gods own country Kerala is also known as the Spice Bowl of India, producing some of the most popular spice of India like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, curry leaves, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, and many other. These spices are the backbone of many Indian cuisines.

Besides Indian cuisines, Kerala is also one of the major exporter of spice to the world and pepper has been one of the most important export from here for centuries. The hunger for the spice trade brought to India traders and merchants from Portugal, Netherlands and finally the British in the last 600 years.

Once the British came in they also brought in the Tea plantations to fuel the industrial revolution thus making Kerala one of the largest tea growing state in the country. The influence of these colonial powers can still be seen in the architecture, cuisine and culture of the people of Kerala.

During a holiday in Kerala it is highly recommended that you spend some days in the spice & tea plantations and relive the colonial times along with tasting some of the best teas and sampling some of the most delicious local cuisine prepared from fresh spices from the plantations.

Wish to drift peacefully on the backwaters of Kerala or maybe you want to indulge in the flavorsome local cuisine…?