Colors & Chaos


With many mainstream religions, languages and cultures, India has the highest number of festivals in the world. There are about 150 festival celebrations out of which about 10 festivals are celebrated all over India. The most famous among these are Diwali and Holi. If you happen to be in India during Diwali celebrations, get ready for some real visual treat with skies lit up with high tech crackers and houses with bright lights.


The festival of Holi brings out fun, laughter, colours & water. Remember not to wear your most expensive designer wear. By the end of the day, your clothes would have shades of violet, pink, red, blue and green from color water sprays that will be randomly thrown around.

On the streets, there is no better way to travel in a city or a town than the auto rickshaw, the Indian version of the Tuk Tuk. Don't be surprised to see a two lane road transforming into a 5 lane road, thanks to impatient motorists who love to be the first at the signal. If you thought that the flight landing on your arrival in India was a bit bumpy, wait till you have driven on the pot holed Indian roads.

Watch Indian drivers expertly negotiating traffic, cattle and pot holes. A ride on Indian railways will be something you will cherish. An overnight journey would mean families travelling with food and you will be coaxed to try some of the home cooked stuff.

By the end of your journey, you will be amazed at how a country can run amidst all the noise, chaos and seemingly messy schedules. Chances are, you would have loved it so much that a vacation in India becomes your most preferred dose of relaxation.


Any trip to India is sure to bring you face to face with the colors and chaos of this country. Love it or hate it you cannot escape it. To live the colors and chaos of India click Create Your Tour and let it begin.