Culture & People


Incredible India! Perhaps there is no better way to describe this country that resemblance nothing in the western hemisphere. A land that is home to the oldest civilizations, India is a potpourri of ethnic diversity coming together to bring out spectacular contrasts harmoniously fighting for living space.



Home to some of the largest religions in the world including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, did you know that India is also home to the largest Muslim population where Islam is not the main religion? All these religions are able to live harmoniously in all sections of society, trying to make a living in this vast country.

Art, Dance and Music

By now, you shouldn't be surprised at the thousands of art forms in a country as diverse as India. Indians love their daily dose of classical music, but at the same time tap their feet to popular Bollywood numbers. Many languages and dialects mean there are many different forms of music and dance that the diverse population enjoys i.e. Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kathakkali, Bhangra to name a few dance forms.

"Arengettam" is a highly revered ceremony where a young student of classical dance form is officially initiated into the professional dance world. Elaborate arrangements are made by the family including glossed invitations in booklet form and CD's.

Kalarippayattu is the most famous martial arts form that has its origins in the southern state of Kerala. It is regarded as the mother of martial arts in the world.


Sarees and Salwar's are the most commonly worn clothing by the women of India. However, in many of the bustling metropolises, you will find women and young girls in western clothing. Showing too much skin is frowned upon in most societies in India, but then the sari makes you wonder how is that possible?.

Men commonly wear shirts and trousers and jeans in cities and kurtas with dhotis (lungis)/pyjamas in smaller towns and villages.



Marriages are highly sacrosanct as an institution. India sees the lowest divorce rates in the world perhaps due to the fact that majority of the marriages are arranged by the family based on caste, religion, social and economic status and continued family support to the couple. However, marriages from romantic relationships are now not uncommon.

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