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India is multidimensional not only in culture & people, but also in the scrumptious cuisine it serves up to the teeming millions. From Maddur vada and chaat masala to tandoori oven delights in the posh hubs, you'll be spoilt for choice around every corner. Essentially Indian cooking involves an assortment of different spices and masalas which are prudently used in various curries and kormas.

North Indian Thali   Pakoras-evening snack

Mughlai food is creamy, rich and has a liberal sprinkling of saffron and nuts. Tandoor cooking offers the juiciest kebabs of marinated fish or meat, straight from the goodness of a clay oven. Down south, you'll find dosa or rice pancakes, sambar and raitas made from yoghurt. Kerala boasts of an extensive range of delights such as appams, kappa, puttu and meen (fish) curry. Towards the west, there's a bounty of seafood waiting! Do try the masala fried pomfret, Parsi Dhan Sak, Bombay duck and Vindaloo. The Bengalis are seafood lovers and they prove their passion with the Malai (prawn curry) and Dahi Maach (fish curry with curd and ginger).

Besides all of the delicacies the flavors of India also lie in the street foods of India. The street foods of India offer flavors that can give the best fastfood joints in the world a run for their money.

When it comes to staples, rice is a favorite in the south and flat breads such as nan, chappatis and poori are preferred up north. A nice accompaniment to the staple is dhal which is a crushed lentil curry that is enhanced with different vegetables.

Indian summers are known to be hot, but you can cool off with some Nimbu Pani (lemonade), Mango or Banana Lassi (flavored cold buttermilk) or sip some coconut water from the fruit itself. Finish your meal by pampering your sweet tooth with some kulfi, rasgullas, jalebi, gulab jamun or exotic fruits such as mango, papaya, pomegranates and melons.

masala-dosa   Chicken Tikka

Every state has its own specialties, but the common thread lies in the colour, vibrancy and passion that go into preparing each meal. You can discover many little Indias through the varied flavors that make this cuisine completely irresistible.

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