History & Heritage


Many scholars consider Indian civilization to be the oldest in the world. With integration of cultures based on intermingling of people from various ethnicity over thousands of years, India's history is not just about war and conquest, but also about groups of people harmoniously living together to form cultures and practices that are truly unique to this part of the world.


You will be surprised to see the diversity and you will truly understand the meaning of the term 'Beautiful People of India' on your vacation in India. From the Indus Valley Civilization in circa 3000 BC perhaps set up by the Sumerian invaders from Iraq to the Aryans who came to India around 1600 BC to the wave of Mughal and Mongolian invasion and finally to the British Occupation, Indian heritage sites are full with examples of the rich history of this land.

The ancient literary works such as the epics and the Vedas can be traced back to 1000 BC. Evidence of medieval and modern Indian history is more visible in the elaborate architecture of the great temples and palaces across the country. Take a breath and enjoy the magnificence of some of the megalithic structures in places such as Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. Visit the world renowned Khajuraho temple or experience the Portuguese history of Goa through its Churches and unique life style of Goan people. You can read more about must experience places in India in our Destinations section.


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